Blogs by World Lit 101 students

Aleena Ahmed, Dead Poets Society:

Antonia Wood, World Literature Musings:

Amalina Mohd Taib, Cloudless Labyrinth:

Athalia Willis, World Literature:

Beth Adams, Theatre Crunch:

Elleni Harpa, Elleni Studies English:

Elouise Davies, World Literature 101:

Emma Fearson, What is Literature?:

Frances Wilde, What is World Literature, to me?:

Hollie Pickering,  English Literature, World Literature and Criminology:

Jake Parkinson, English Literature @ Lancaster University:

Laura Makin, World Literature 101:

Leah Westcott-Graham, World Literature:

Marie Palmer, Vast Literary Worlds:

Polly Rose, There’s more to life than books, you know:

Sarah Sutton,  Sarah World Lit:

Tim Hughes, on World Literature, &c:

Zoe McCready, English, Literature, Politics:




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